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When single mom Kaylee lands a new job everything seems to be falling into place. Then Alexis comes along. A woman who doesn't take no for an answer. Will Kaylee let go of her fears and insecurities to fully indulge in Alexis or will it all get too much?
A woman with an unpleasant past...
With a mother who does not approve of her choices and an unplanned pregnancy, Kaylee has never had it easy, but now her life is starting to look a little brighter. A new home. A new school for her young boy. A new position in a company that can lead to the job of her dreams. Everything seems to be falling into place.
Then Alex comes along.
A firm rap on her cubicle wall made her turn with a start. Kaylee's eyes drifted up the navy dress skirt and white blouse to meet those vibrant green eyes again.
"Grab your things. I'm taking you to lunch."

A woman who doesn't take no for an answer...
Cool and confident, Alex is a woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants. And she wants her. Eyes set on Kaylee, she sweeps her off her feet.
They share the joys of intimacy and the freedom of being who they really are.
But while Kaylee is falling hard and fast, Alex remains her stoic self. It leaves Kaylee riddled with doubt and questioning whether or not Alex feels the same way about her.
Will this relationship end in heartbreak like what Kaylee is used to? Or will this be the beginning of her fantasies coming true?
Things are finally looking up for single mom, Kaylee.
Her new job as a designer's assistant is her gateway to the world of fashion design and the pitch the company is working on allows her to showcase her talents. Sure, there is the constant stress and the lack of personal time, but there's nothing like doing what you're most passionate about.
Alexis is everything Kaylee can wish for: beautiful, smart, and caring, especially towards Kaylee's son. Alexis' stoic façade melts in the bedroom, replaced by the most passionate woman who rocks her world every time.
But business can't mix with pleasure.
Office policy forbids employee relationships, forcing them to keep their passion for each other hidden and disguised as mere friendship.
"You're so beautiful you know. I love your dress. I can hardly take my eyes off you." Alex's eyes roamed all over the temptation before her. She was having difficulty restraining her urge to ravage Kaylee in the street. "I wish I could walk arm in arm with you, and let everyone know that you're mine."
The words made Kaylee's heart melt, yearning for that very thing.
Without warning, Alex quickly leaned in and kissed Kaylee, nothing deep or overly romantic, but a kiss in broad daylight nonetheless. It made her feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.
Until the next moment, that is, when Rose showed up.

Will they overcome this challenge to their newfound love or will it drive them apart?
A whole new world...
When Kaylee Daniels moves to Boston, she not only lands the dream job but the dream girl as well. And with Alexis finally opening up about her kink, it’s clear that Kaylee's dream girl is playing for keeps.
"If at any point you feel uncomfortable, simply say stop. The silk is smooth, but strong. It will hold fast, no matter how you twist," Alex explained as she circled the bed. "We can stop at any moment if you're not feeling it. Just remember, it's me and I love you. Now, how do you feel about being my prisoner?"
Kaylee explores the world of a newfound love and discovers her innate need to submit. Together, she and the dominant Alexis make the perfect pair, each fulfilling a need in the other.
But there's trouble in paradise...
Just when she and Alexis think they’re ready for happily ever after, trouble comes knocking. Despite being in love, problems surface and intensify, until they threaten to overwhelm both women.
Can love truly conquer all or will the couple find that nothing lasts forever?

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