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Top 50 Gay, Lesbian, Trans and Feminist T-Shirts on Amazon Prime

I’ve always been a fan of stencil art and am delighted that artwork from the cover of Branding Her is available on T-shirts through Amazon Prime via REVOLT. REVOLT, who primarily design LGBT+ and feminist equality tshirts, have made a couple of designs available in their Amazon store. I thought I’d share some of my favorites here, alongside a few others…

REVOLT Lesbian Gay Trans Feminist Tshirts



REVOLT is a brand that sell T-shits on Amazon at very reasonable prices and they have some fantastic shirts – 9 of them made my top 50. Store: “REVOLT: Gay, Lesbian Feminist T-shirts for Equality“. Their style is large bold prints with street art vibe so naturally I was delighted when they asked if I would be interested in putting the artwork from Branding Her (my steamy lesbian romance series) on their store. I jumped at the chance as I’d already tried to do this myself at one point with limited success!

The Shortlist

When I started writing this post I realised there were a lot more shirts than I realised and so what started as a “Top 10 LGBT & Feminist shirts” list soon became a top 100. After much deliberation I decided to categorise a shortlist and settle for a Top 50. You’ll find the 50 shirts I liked most (that are available on Amazon Prime) below.

Lesbian T-Shirts

Let’s kick off with the lesbian shirts seeing that’s where you’ll find mine 😉 There are lots of great lezzer shirts on Amazon, below are the ones that made the shortlist…

Last updated on June 17, 2024 8:11 pm

Gay T-Shirts

Gay (men) T-shirts are everywhere. There were soooo many to choose form. Whilst I tend to refer to myself as gay, this shortlist section is dedicated to the gay boys.

Bisexual T-Shirts

For those who like to swing both ways, here’s a few shirts for you…

Non-Binary / Trans T-Shirts

I found some great transgender awareness T-shirts, from the warm and fluffy to those that protest and demand change. It’s time people became more aware of “non-conforming” gender-identity (some research shows that 40-50% of young trans people have attempted suicide).


Other LGBT Equality T-Shirts

There are lots for LGBTQ+ shirts that could fall into multiple categories so I’ve popped these here. Some are funny, others are general gay pride and some are protest, but in my opinion, they’re all fab in their own right!

Last updated on June 17, 2024 8:11 pm

Feminist T-Shirts

With gender equality issues and the #metoo movement hitting the headlines frequently I thought it would be good to include some feminist shirts. And so the LGBT+ shirts post  grew even further…

Hopefully you found a shirt you like the look of as a gift to yourself or a friend!

The end.

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